The ASPE Chapter 5 Scholarship program is currently in place at two educational facilities. Our education committee is currently working with the University of Denver in hopes of expanding our benefits there in the very near future. You will find that our ASPE members view education of the Estimating criteria a very important aspect in furthering and developing the careers of all construction people. We currently have two scholarships at Colorado State University and contribute to the Emily Griffith 360 Foundation.  
  One unique scholarship we are very proud of is named after one of our devoted members Mr. Gene Joerns. All of these are available to students who submit the required forms and meet the proper criteria with the associated Construction Departments. You will find that Chapter 5 has made it a governing requirement in assisting with setting the baseline standards and participating with the selection process to help determine the proper use of our scholarships. Please be sure and contact the above Educational Facilities or any current ASPE members if you are interested in possibly obtaining one of our scholarships.