Certification Application


Everybody knows that MD following an individual's name means Medical Doctor. And most people know that CPA signifies Certified Public Accountant. Associations and professions use certification to recognize qualified and competent individuals. The certification process is one of the single most important steps in career development. Here are the top ten reasons an estimating professional should consider becoming ASPE Certified:

1. Certification grants you professional credentials.

2. Certification demonstrates your commitment to the industry and estimating profession.

3. Certification enhances the profession's image.

4. Certification reflects personal achievement.

5. Certification builds self esteem.

6. Certification can improve career opportunities and advancement.

7. Certification may provide for greater earning potential.

8. Certification improves skills and knowledge.

9. Certification prepares you for greater on the job responsibilities.

10. Certification offers greater recognition from peers.


Get started by filling out your Application for Professional Evaluation.

See ASPE National's site for more information on the certification process.

Certification Committee: 
Danielle Nicol, CPE 
Belair Sitework Services
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